At what stage of our project should we hire a designer?

In a perfect world, you want to get your designer involved in your project as soon as possible.  An experienced designer can offer value and expertise from the second pencil hits paper.  Insights on floor plan layouts, window placements, flow and function are all looked at early on in any renovation or new build and play crucial roles in any future furniture layouts and decorating.

What should I expect from an Initial Consultation?

During an Initial Consultation, you will meet with one or more of our designers (depending on project scope and size).  The designer will have you tour them through your space and will discuss your project in detail.  Discussion will include desired changes, style, function and budget.  The designer will walk you through our process and how it pertains to your project specifically.  If time allows, measurements and photos needed for completing design work will also be collected at this time.  If you have hired us for only an Initial Consultation, items such as paint color selections, furniture placement, window treatment ideas etc. can all be possible discussion points. Drawings or finish selections (unless you have samples you want our advice on) will not be included in an Initial Consultation.

How do we prepare for an Initial Consultation?

Preparing for an Initial Consultation by collecting inspirational images of spaces that inspire you and having a clear idea on your budget are the two most important things you can do.  We want you to get the most out of your time spent with us, so being prepared with questions will give you the biggest bang for your buck.  

How do I budget for design services?

Our Initial Consultation fee is $475.00 plus GST.  Following your Initial Consultation, you will receive a design estimate that will detail the scope of work we are to pull together for you and an estimate of fees.  This way you can feel comfortable before we begin what to budget. Typical design fees fall anywhere between 6% and 10% of your construction budget, with the larger the size of project typically falling in the lower percentage range.  

What styles do you work with and how do you figure out mine?

We work with almost every style from Traditional to Contemporary to Modern and everything in between.  An important part of the Initial Consultation for us is seeing your space, the architecture of your home, your artwork and furniture to get a sense of who you are.  If we still aren't fully sure, we have our clients pull together Pinterest or Houzz boards to help us get a sense of what they desire out of their new space.

What are my roles and responsibilities as your client?

Working with a designer requires a certain amount of trust and open dialogue.  We want clients to feel comfortable sharing their wants and needs and also allowing us to use our knowledge and experience to ensure they get the best end results possible.  Being present and honest during presentation meetings and being responsive to communication is key throughout the design process.  Trusting that we are all after that beautiful end result keeps the process fun and effective.  As much as wish we could read every client's mind, we haven't mastered that just yet!  Design is a process of creative selections, ideas sharing and back and forth communication until it feels just right.

Do you have a contractor to complete the construction work?

We have partnered with amazing local contractors.  This helps emmensly with communication and project management.  Many clients come to us, however, with their own contractor or builder, and that works fine too!

Do you oversee construction once our project begins?

Normally, your contractor will have a project manager that oversees your construction.  We are available to pop in on job sites at crucial times such as electrical or tile installation or just to check on progress, so if you would like to hire us for this service just let us know and we will work that into our design agreement.

How are we billed? What form of payment do you accept?

Payment for Initial Consultations is due at the end of the consultation.  A retainer will be due to start off your designs and then you will be billed either monthly or at the completion of the designs depending on the length of time.  Full payment is required for any custom furniture, window coverings or accessories before ordering.  We accept cheque or e-transfers.