The Real Benefits of Styling

We work on an every day basis on renovation and new home planning.  I have never had a client who didn't understand the importance and the impact of the time and effort spent designing room flow, function and finishes.  And of course, I agree these are of utmost importance in creating a space you will love.  But, what I do run up against ALL the time, is clients who completley undervalue the importance of styling their space. 

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Tracy Fortin
VIDEO - Permits, When Do I Need Them?

This short video should help you understand why permits are important, when the are necessary, and when they are not.
What are construction related permits and why should I care about getting them or not?  
Flawless Interiors has design and worked through hundreds of home renovation and new build projects with our partner contractors. We recognize when permits are necessary and we get them, simple.

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VIDEO-Granite vs Quartz

With so many choices to make when it comes to a new build or a renovation, it's important to arm yourself with the facts before committing to something as important as your counter tops.  Granite and Quartz still reign as the top choices for kitchens and bathrooms when it comes to solid surfaces.  But which one is best for you?  Keith explains the differences between granite and quartz in this video below!

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