The Truth About Choosing a Backsplash

How to get it right every time

How to get it right every time

We're getting a lot of questions about backsplashes these days.  Everyone wants to know how to pick such a large scale finish from such a small sample size, and we get it!  It's not a fair expectation!

Here are some guidelines we follow to make sure we're giving our clients what they want in a backsplash.

Want it timeless?

Subway tiles are always going to be your most classic backsplash option, particularly in white or off-white.  We LOVE a good subway tile, and here's an insider tip: spend the extra $2 per to get the tiles with a little sheen to them.

Sure, there are bargain versions available at all the big box home stores, but they're all very matte, and the effect can be pretty womp-womp when they're installed.  A little gloss goes a long, long way toward making your room look high end.

Want it trendy?

A modern backsplash can be the focal point of an entire room (just check out the photo below!) If you want to be really 2016 about it, look for tiles made of glass or metal, and consider retro shapes or even custom tiles.  We've installed backsplashes using more than one type of tile, tile inlays, and sometimes even unexpected grout colors. 

Want Grout?

Despite a relatively forgettable impact on your reno budget, grout sure has a lot to say in the overall look of your backsplash.  Consider white subway tile with white grout.... and now picture the same with black grout.

Wow, right?! You're looking at two totally different rooms there, based exclusively on the grout!  (These are the kinds of things that make a designer giddy)

Another fun decision to make about the grout is how much of it you want.  The installation, maintenance, and final effect will vary depending on the width of those grout lines.

Want it Flawless?

Of course you do!  One thing so many people forget it to balance the drama between all the finishes in a room.  It's a recipe for back LASH (haha) if every element is screaming "Look at me!"

Instead, make like a designer, and choose your finishes in a specific order.  In bathrooms and kitchens, it's this: first cabinets, then counters, followed by floors and backsplash.

Why? Each selection you make limits your options in every subsequent finish, so it's wise to begin with the finishes that have fewer options.  Fewer options = fewer chances to get carried away (but also a fun opportunity at the end to choose a backsplash with WOW).

Your turn: How did you choose your last backsplash?  Do you think you got it right?  Hit reply and let us know!  We read every email.