3 Non-Negotiables About Lighting

Pop quiz: what’s the single quickest way to make your space pop without taking on an extensive renovation? You might think it’s paint … or accessories … or a bold piece of artwork.

You’d be wrong.

All those things contribute to a beautiful home, and there’s a lot of satisfaction to be found in implementing them thoughtfully. But each of those things is more complicated than a quick trip to the hardware store, and sometimes, that’s all we have time for.

The next time you have no more than an afternoon in which to improve your space, head straight to the lighting aisle, and keep these three simple things in mind:

1. There are three kinds of lighting…

All the different lighting options become a lot less overwhelming once we know that               they’re not all created equal. There are three categories: general, task, and accent.


General lighting is your overhead stuff: ceiling fixtures, chandeliers, and track lighting.      They’re what you turn on by default when you walk into a room.


Task lighting is what you turn on when you need to do something specific: a lamp to read by, for example, or your under-cabinet lighting for dinner prep.


Accent lighting adds drama and intrigue to a space: these are the lights aimed at your artwork, or maybe at some architectural detail of the home.


2. ...And you need all three.

Your room probably has at least one of the three lighting types in it already, so focus on adding the other two for a quick upgrade. A bold lamp can bring new life to a dark corner, and a little accent lighting can really highlight a built-in bookcase.

If you’re in the market for new overhead lighting, consider something that bounces light around the room and off of the other lighting fixtures around it. One of our favourite ways to upgrade overhead lighting at Flawless is with the Boxie Ceiling Light by Tech.


When you layer all three lighting types, the effect is warm, sparkly, and nearly magical. It’s one of the surest ways to propel your space from “house” to “home”.

3. Bulbs make all the difference.

Once you’ve chosen which category of lighting to add to your space, spend some time looking carefully for just the right bulb. The variety can seem endless, so start by considering how you want the room to feel, and go from there.

Bedrooms and bathrooms are best suited to LED or Halogen bulbs while compact fluorescent bulbs might better serve living rooms and kitchens. LED is the way of all future light fixtures - so time to get on board.  Some retailers even offer retro-style bulbs that add a warm, Edison-type character of their own to a room. But be careful with these, as they don’t always give off a ton of light.  Beyond that, consider colours, brightness, and price to arrive at the right bulb for you. Pro tip: soft pink bulbs in a powder room will make your guests’ skin look flawless!

Lighting really is an easy thing to implement throughout your home once you’ve mastered the categories and functions, and its effect is as immediate as flicking a switch. You won’t even get paint on your hands!