Accessorizing 101: A Primer for Homeowners

If there's a common refrain we hear from all our clients, it's that accessorizing is scary.  There are so many many ways to get it wrong.


We figured it was time for a 101-level primer for anyone who feels overwhelmed in the pillow aisle.  Accessories really are that last 10% that can have 90% of the impact in the room, so here are a few tips to ensure you never end up regretting your purchases.

Go bigger.  Even bigger than that.

It's really common to buy a beautiful mirror or rug that would be perfect for your room except for the fact that it's about 50% too small.  Don't be afraid of size, especially on walls or floors!  Those are big expanses of space that demand big accessories.  As a general rule, an area rug needs to be big enough that at least the front legs of all furniture pieces fit comfortably onto it, and maybe even all four.

Choose art like a curator (but not a snooty one)

When choosing art, remember that your home gallery is also your living space.  You needn't keep beautiful art limited to the main rooms; in fact, putting art in the study, the kitchen, and even in bathrooms is one of our favorite ways to bring instant beauty to some under-acknowledged spaces.

You don't need to love everything

This one is counterintuitive,  but we promise, your decision making process will go a lot faster if you don't get stuck on the idea that you must be in love with every accessory in your house.  The ones that are special to you will naturally become focal points, and you can set the background scene with simpler things like greenery, clean-lined vases, or a small art grouping.  Your showstopper items will be all the better for having a decorated stage to shine.

You don't need to pick them all yourself

At Flawless, we personally carry a few product lines that we can enthusiastically recommend to all our clients.  You don't need to wander aimlessly in Home Sense, though we understand if you want to because we love it there too!  But we're just on the other side of an email if you feel overwhelmed, and we can show up with options that you'd never be able to find anywhere else.

What's you accessorizing strategy at home?  We'd love to hear!