Decorate Like Chip and Joanne....

The show Fixer Upper on HGTV has two big draws going for it. First is the renovation and design team, married couple Chip and Joanna Gaines. (Hmm, a married interior design team...sounds familiar!) Their personalities and the sense of fun they bring to their projects have made them fan favorites.

Second is the amazing work that Chip and Joanna do. In each episode, they take home buyers to several houses in various stages of "needing some work done" and try to share a vision of what those houses could look like. Once the location is decided on, Chip, Joanna, and their team of contractors get to work turning the house into a home perfectly suited for its new owners. The results are always absolutely stunning, leading viewers to wonder, "How can I get my house to look like that?"

The Fixer Upper style

As any fan of Fixer Upper knows, the true first step to decorating like Chip and Joanna is to tear down a wall (or two, or three). And if that's what you want to do, we can help! But if you're not looking for such a drastic change, there's still hope for recreating that Fixer Upper magic (minus Demo Day).

While Chip and Joanna always tailor their designs to fit the homeowners' personal styles, they use some common design elements that give their projects a signature look. Try bringing some of these elements into your own home to get the same effect.

Include outdoor elements

One of the key descriptors of Chip and Joanna's style is "rustic," and what's more rustic than nature? During the final reveal in any Fixer Upper home, you'll see plants everywhere: tables, countertops, mantles. Branches, flowers, and sometimes live potted plants adorn and brighten up nearly every room. Wildflowers, particularly alliums, seem to be especially popular with Joanna, but there are plenty of options out there, so choose what works best in your space.

Go vintage

Repurposing items is a Fixer Upper trademark, and you can go big or small at home with this tip. Small vintage items, like maps, books, and bottles, can be used as decorative items throughout the house. Bigger things, like furniture, doors, and mantels, can turn into a focal point in a room. To get started, take a trip to a flea market, visit an antique store, or stop by a local garage sale and see what kinds of cool things you can find. (If you're feeling really adventurous, check out a scrap yard!)

Consider shiplap

Shiplap could be the official Fixer Upper signature design element. The wooden panels have been used on the walls or ceilings of nearly every remodel on the show. There's a good reason for it: shiplap, even pained, brings a natural, warm element to a room. It gives added texture to surfaces, and blends well with many design styles. And if you're interested in trying the look out but don't want to go overboard, it makes a great feature wall in a bathroom.

Have fun!

The biggest take-away from Chip and Joanna is that redesigning and redecorating should be fun. Whether you're starting from scratch with a new house or redoing a room in your home of five years, redesigning is about crafting a space that you love. Enjoy the process!