VIDEO - Bold Back Splashes

Bold Back Splashes

As a designer, you need a serious love of all things tile.  It is one area where you can be the most creative in your space.  There is an endless array of options, patterns, colors and grouts - the possibilities are endless!  Let me give you some ideas of how you can incorporate punch, personality and potential profit into your project by being smart with your back splash designs.  

Let's Talk Back Splash Tile

It can be one of the most impact-full, but least thought out parts of a renovation or new build - the back splash.  You've got them (or should have them), in your kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and bars.  How can you make the most of the amazing opportunity a back splash offers you?  I am going to tell you!

Of course a back splash offers you the function of protecting your walls where water can splash and over time cause damage to drywall.  But as a designer I get really excited about the drama, colors and patterns we can introduce to a space with creative use of tiles.  

By far, the back splash is the easiest project to tackle if you don't want to rip apart your whole bathroom or kitchen.  Which means we can be a bit more bold with our selections.  If we tire of them down the road, it wouldn't take too much effort to change it out.  The counters and cabinets don't need to be affected by changing out just your back splash.  In reverse, if you want to change your counters, the splash will likely need to come out - so hence a bigger job.

Design Ideas

Here are a few ideas on how to take a basic tile and play with it to make it unique to your space.  Take a basic subway tile - everyone loves a subway tile.  We traditionally use it in a brick pattern, but how about placing it vertically or in a chevron or herringbone pattern?  Then, think about the grout color.  This choice can make a huge impact on what your tile looks like.  Go dark grout with a light tile for more impact.  I have even seen sparkle grout for those who are really brave!

If you have fallen in love with a really expensive tile but it doesn't fit in your reno budget, consider using it as a feature above your range, maybe with a cute pencil tile.  Or pop it into a shower or tub niche instead of as an entire surround.  You could even make a small feature in say a coffee station area of your kitchen or maybe where you will hang wet clothes in your laundry area.  Think of it as a piece of art!

If you have searched every tile store and still can't find something that gets you excited, consider back painted glass or custom made tiles.  Again, you can work these custom pieces into your budget friendly tile if you need to keep the budget down.

Don't be afraid to have fun with your tiles.  Keep the large items neutral and pick something you love and speaks to your design sense.

For more tips of the trade keep checking back with us!  We look forward to connecting with you again soon.

Need More Help?  All these things to keep in mind if you are thinking about doing a renovation.  It's better to know in the beginning than to be surprised in the end.  So, for more ideas and tips from Flawless Interiors come back to our website or subscribe below for the latest updates.