VIDEO-Hanging Draperies

Hanging Draperies

Well, just like getting your art hung right can make or break your room, so can hanging draperies.  

Please don't ever hang drapes mounted right onto your window casing.  And please do not hang draperies that look like pedal pushers (way to high for those of you who never owned pedal pushers).  

When done correctly, draperies should elevate and complete the final look of your space.  But, when done poorly, well, let's just say it's bad, very bad.  If you have no idea what I am talking about - watch the video below!

The Right Way to Hang Draperies: 

So, I am going to tell you how to hang a drapery panel the right way.  In this case, we are looking at a decorative panel.  

Because we already have a blind on the window, we don't need the drapery to pull across and be functional - it is strictly decorative.  

You want to hang your panel so that the inside edge, just covers your window casing.  So most of the drape will be hanging off to the side of your window.  This gives the illusion of a wider window and won't block light or views.

Drapery Rods: 

If you are not needing to ever pull the drapery closed, then forego the rod running all the way across the top of the window.  Make sure you buy a rod that is not telescoping, and cut the rod to about a 16" length.  That is a pretty typical drapery panel width in it's properly place hanging position.  

Once you add your finials, the panel will stay in it's intended position and you won't have to fuss with it ever again.  

Drapery Height: 

We also have hung this one 4" from the ceiling, which also makes your windows appear larger and doesn't stunt the look of your drape or ceiling.  You may need to buy a ready made panel longer than you need and have it shortened to get the right length.  

You want to hang the drape about a half inch off of the floor - just enough to get that Swiffer under it! Custom drapes will be made the correct length to fit your space perfectly.

Drapery Lining: 

Also, another tip is to look for drapes that come lined on the back.  

Custom drapes should always come lined, but it is harder to find in ready made panels.  Not only will they look nicer from the street side, but the weight will help your draperies hang that much nicer.