VIDEO-How Much Does a Kitchen Renovation Cost?

How Much Does a Kitchen Renovation Cost?

Well, that's a loaded question if there ever was one.  Costs can vary greatly depending on the size of your kitchen now and in your new plan, the level of finishes you select and who is doing the work of the renovation.  

But, just to give you a sneak peek into what one of our recent kitchen renovations cost watch the video below.  

Keep in mind that this particular project was a u-shaped kitchen with an island, approximately 175 SF.  We also replaced all flooring on the main floor (1100 SF) and painted the entire main floor as well.  We used mid-level finishes throughout. 

Pricing your Kitchen Renovation: 

I'm going to take you through an example project that we recently worked on, which was mainly a kitchen renovation for a client of ours.  They had about 1,000 SF on the main floor where we were redoing all of the flooring and paint in addition to a brand new kitchen.

The client had done a little bit of homework ahead of time, pricing out their cabinets, the counter tops, and some of those items that are easier for people to get some pricing info on and had estimated their renovation was going to be about $50,000.  

We worked with them to design and figure out all of the areas they were going to need help with and requested a detailed quote from our contractor.

Contractor Renovation Quote:

The quote was broken down into the following areas; demolition, plumbing, plumbing fixtures, electrical, drywall & taping, cabinets (supply/install), counters, carpentry, tile, hardwood, painting, pick-ups & delivery, garbage removal, and taxes.

So the total cost in the end came to $76,571, about $26,000 more than what the client had expected.  

I think it is really important that you keep in mind all of those extra items that maybe haven't been considered.  As well the level of finishes can have a big impact on the overall cost of the renovation.  

The cost of design services would also be in addition to the renovation costs of the $76,000.

Need More Help?  All these things to keep in mind if you are thinking about doing a renovation.  It's better to know in the beginning than to be surprised in the end.  So, for more ideas and tips from Flawless Interiors come back to our website or subscribe below for the latest updates.