The Real Benefits of Styling

We work on an every day basis on renovation and new home planning.  I have never had a client who didn't understand the importance and the impact of the time and effort spent designing room flow, function and finishes.  And of course, I agree these are of utmost importance in creating a space you will love.  But, what I do run up against ALL the time, is clients who completley undervalue the importance of styling their space. 

What do I mean by styling? So we start with space layout, then we add our finishes like flooring, paint, wallpapers, light fixtures etc.  Then we add our furniture pieces which may include sofas, chairs, tables, etc.  And that's where most people think they get to stop.  But, I say HOLD ON!  We are only about 70% of the way there!

Check out this photo of a room done to the point I have described above.  (I borrowed theses from Designer Kimberley Seldon because they illustrate this point so well). It is a nice room, an "ok" room.  They have even gone a little further than most by adding draperies and an area rug.  But does it wow you?  I know it doesn't wow me.


Now, here is the same room after it has been styled.  You can see the addition of pillows, throws, lighting, small furniture pieces and accessories goes such a long way!


To me, as a  designer, it is the saddest thing in the world to see a client stop at 70%.  Who wants to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on a renovation or new build to not wow everyone who enters it?

Next time you are thinking of a home project, build in that extra 30% into your budget and vision for the absolute best results.