VIDEO - Permits, When Do I Need Them?


Permits - When Do I Need Them?

This short video should help you understand why permits are important, when the are necessary, and when they are not.

First off, what are construction related permits and why should I care about getting them or not?

Well permits are issued to ensure home construction and alterations meet City Bylaws and that the construction techniques used meet City & Provincial building standards, such as the Alberta Building Code and Electrical & Plumbing Codes.

These bylaws and building codes are designed to look out for the health and safety of the occupants and nearby neighbours of the home being constructed.  They are important!

Flawless Interiors has design and worked through hundreds of home renovation and new build projects with our partner contractors. We recognize when permits are necessary and we get them, simple.

I’d be leery if you have a contractor that tells you your project doesn’t need any permits without a clear explanation.  They can be cumbersome and time-consuming to get the necessary approval from the City, so don’t let anyone cut corners to same time on your project.

Alright let’s look at the different types and scenarios:

Development Permits

Different than a Building permit is required any time you:

  • Construct a new building

  • Make changes to the exterior of a building

  • Or make a change to the use of a building, such as adding a secondary rental suite

  • These types of changes typically affect the neighbours and surrounding residence and need to meet established Bylaw guidelines

Building Permits

Building Permits are issued in addition to the Development Permits after reviewing detailed the construction documents and ensuring building codes are met.  Necessary when:

  • Constructing a new Building

  • Building an addition, or covered and non-covered decks

  • Finishing or Developing a basement

  • Building a garage or carport

  • Building a secondary suite, such as a rental suite in the basement or above the garage

There are also Mechanical and Electrical permits and are typically applied for by the Trade (whether it be the Electrician, Plumber, or Heating/Ventilation installer). Necessary when:

  • Making any electrical alterations, plumbing alternations, or changes to the heating and ventilation systems.

No Permits Required

To do such work as:

  • Roofing with similar materials

  • Interior alterations like painting and tilework

  • Flooring, countertops, cabinets

  • Windows and doors, provided they are the same size as the original openings

These are considered to NOT impact the health and safety of the occupants. If this is the work you are planning, then forge ahead otherwise STOP and consider the permitting process or ensure your contractor has it covered.

There we have a brief look at the Development Permits, Building Permits, and Electrical/Plumbing/HVAC permits and when you should be contacting your local City planning department for the appropriate approvals before conducting the work.

Questions? Let us know if you have any or if we can help get your renovation or new build project started. Be sure to get a copy of our Renovation Guide below!