VIDEO - Top 3 Reasons You Need a Designer


Why Hire a Designer?

We at Flawless Interiors get asked all the time...Why should I hire a designer, how is that going to help me with my project?  Let's look at the Top 3 Reasons, the most important ones, why and how an interior designer can help at the beginning of a renovation or new build project.

#1 - MONEY, Eliminate Costly Mistakes

This clearly means a lot to everyone, but you might be thinking how will spending money on a designer save me money.  By investing in the expertise of a designer early in the planning stages of a renovation or new home build we can help you avoid making costly mistakes along the way during the project like missing an important element that should have been considered early on or wanting to make changes throughout the project due to indecisiveness that ultimately affect overall cost and construction timelines.  Removing and reinstalling a backsplash tile that didn't look as good as you thought it would is nice to avoid if at all possible.

#2 - PLANNING & BUDGETING, Saving Time and Effort

As a designer, having worked on 100's of projects we have a lot of experience with keeping you within your allotted budget and with planning, saving you a tonne of time and effort eliminating the need for you to run around town from supplier to supplier selecting the perfect finishes and fixtures necessary for your project.  We have them all at our fingertips and can save you a lot of time planning out your project.

#3 - LIAISON W/ CONTRACTORS, Upholding Design Intent

Lastly, but probably the most important, the designer is there for you throughout the construction of your project to act as a liaison between you and your contractor.  We are really there to make sure the design intent that we have come up with you in the beginning is carried through and there are no misses throughout the project.  If there are issues or problems that arise (as they often do) we work to resolve them with the contractor because we are there on site regularly and can often spot an issue and address it before it is too late.  The goal here is to ensure the final outcome looks, feels, and functions the way we had originally designed the space to work for you.  Too many incorrect changes along the way provides you with a completely different outcome at the end.