Dental or Medical Facelift


Does your Dental or Medical office in need of a "Facelift"? 

Well its true, as the years pass by and we serve the many customers/clients/patients we do the clinic begins to show it's age.  Decor styles change, wear and tear takes it's toll and the client's first impression become more and more dim and less and less WOW! How you currently use the space may differ from how it was used when originally planned and built.

You may be operating with more employees now, or you may have moved away from paper records towards digital files and record keeping.  The work-spaces and storage systems need to be reconfigured to follow suit. 

In our experience, some clinics are renting space from a building owner or landlord and are often provided with a lease renewal incentive (or tenant improvement allowance). It often looks like a $/sq. ft. allowance toward renovation improvements when you renew the lease for a specified period of time.  What a great opportunity to freshen up the space with some financial help from the landlord.

A fresh coat of paint in new a new vibrant palette, new flooring to replace the dated or worn areas, new workstations to enable more efficient staff, and of course a welcoming pleasant experience for your patients, clients, and visitors to your space.

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