Adding Colour to Your White Kitchen


Everyone loves a white kitchen.  But, sometimes, they lack a bit of life.  A white kitchen doesn't need to leave you feeling ho hum.  

We took this kitchen shown above and added pops of colour to show you how it can be done!  By using some functional pieces you may already own, like kettles and dishes, you can instantly change the feel of the space.  Then, layer in some texture and colour with plants, flowers and fruit.  These are easy to change on a regular basis if you tire of a space quickly.

Also, think of adding things like colourful rugs, towels and stools.  I am also a big fan of art in a kitchen - which we often overlook as an option.  Small art pieces leaned against your back splash can be a  fun way to add some personality and colour.


The great thing about a white kitchen is it always makes a great backdrop for whatever colour suits your fancy.  So you can change your mind as often as I do!