To begin

We begin every new project with an Initial Consultation (2hrs, $350+GST).  This time is spent getting to know you, your project and your space.  We discuss your needs, wants and budgets.  It is crucial that all decision makers are involved in this step.  If site measuring is required, it may happen here if time allows.  We allow up to 2 hours for Initial Consultations.  Some clients require only this step.  For example if you are simply looking for paint colour selections or some furniture layout advise, we will squeeze all we can into this meeting.  If you require further design hours, you will receive a detailed estimate of design scope and hours following your Initial Consultation.

If you just want to meet us to make sure you want to work with us, we welcome you to come visit our design studio to see what we are all about.  Please call our office or pop us an email to set up a time.


$350 plus GST.  

To continue

Once we have assessed your project and provided you a design estimate and agreement, we get to work.  Our clients are busy professionals who need designs pulled together efficiently and effectively.  From creating demolition plans to new designs, selecting finish and fixture packages to pulling together furniture and custom blind and drapery designs, we will complete your design package from top to bottom!  We work on projects of all sizes and styles to create personal and timeless spaces.  

hourly fee

$160 per hour

Our Proven Process at a glance